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Consultation for Admissions Arrangements for 2023

Immanuel College, as a member of BDAT (Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust) is currently in consultation around some changes to our admissions arrangements for 2023.

The reason for the changes are to ensure transparency and openness on the contents of the arrangements to allow parents, carers and other stakeholders who might not previously been interested in admissions arrangements to make a representation that can then be considered as part of the determination of the arrangements.

The consultation is running until 31st January 2022 and the following groups are currently being consulted with:

  • Parents/carers of current pupils and prospective parents of pupils.
  • Members of school staff
  • Admissions Authorities
  • Local Authority
  • Councillors and MPs
  • Trade Unions
  • Community and religious organisations.

You can find out more about the consultation and provide your comments and feedback by following the link below:

Admissions & PAN Reduction Consultation Sept 2023


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