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Why study Science?

At Immanuel College we strive to encourage our students to develop their curiosity and inquisitive nature as they gain a greater insight into:

  • Their range of scientific knowledge and understanding
  • The connections between life experiences and their relevance to Science
  • A deeper knowledge of the ever-evolving scientific and technological world around them
  • Their hopes and aspirations to be science literate in everyday life in this evolving technological age

What do you learn?

From Year 7 our science curriculum equips students with the skills required to study science at secondary school level. The topics that they study are:

Introduction to Science – Students plan and complete a full investigation to learn the basis of the scientific method.

Particle Model of Matter – Students learn about how particles are arranged in solids, liquids and gases.

The Periodic Table – Students build on their understanding of the particle model of matter to explain how different materials are formed from the elements.

Cell Biology and Body Systems – Students develop an understanding of the microscopic nature of animals and plants and how cells build the structures of their bodies.

Energy and Electricity – Students begin to develop an understanding into different energy stores and how we use energy usefully in our everyday lives.

Infectious Disease – Students gain insight into how bacteria and viruses spread, cause disease and how the human body defends against such infections.

Reproduction – Students learn the anatomy of male and female reproductive systems, how new life begins and the important changes that happen during adolescence.

Mr Gomez and a student working with a bunsen burner

What can you study at Key Stage 4 at Immanuel College? (Years 10 & 11)

At Key Stage 4 our students study for the AQA Trilogy Combined Science GCSE – within this students cover a wide variety of units across Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What relevant AS/A Levels, BTECs or Applied Qualifications can you study in Post 16 at Immanuel College?

  • AS/A Level Biology
  • AS/A Level Chemistry
  • AS/A Level Physics
  • BTEC Applied Science

Why not join our Science Club?

Our Science Club awakens and cultivates students’ interest in learning Science. Each week we complete an experiment or activity relating to physics, chemistry or biology to give students a deeper understanding of science and how it connects to their own life and the world around them.

Any student involved in our Science Club has the potential to improve their confidence as well as their learning and understanding of science, which in turn increases skill sets and levels of attainment.

Most importantly, they are fun and exciting sessions that will allow all involved to explore science subjects in imaginative and inventive ways and through participation they can work towards achieving a Solid, Advanced and Legendary Scientist status.


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