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Philosophy, Ethics & Religion

Why study Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (PER)?

“There is a confidence that the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is consistent in how God has shaped the world and us” – Church of England’s Vision for Education

We have designed our curriculum so that students have the resilience and confidence to be able to pursue knowledge and wisdom to allow them to grapple successfully with all of life’s challenges.

Students will build their confidence to critically analyse faith traditions and reflect on their own identity and beliefs. They will develop ideas of what living well means and grow in respect and dignity for other ways of life.

What do you learn?

From Year 7 student will cover a range of topics that include:

Ultimate questions – Students will learn to debate philosophically learning to respect the views of other people and allowing them the dignity of their beliefs.

Incarnation – Students will gain knowledge of the birth narratives and what it tells us about the Christian concept of incarnation.

Old Testament – Students will gain knowledge of the Old Testament concept of covenant and the place of these scriptures in the Bible as a prequel to the life of Jesus.

Holy Week – Students will gain knowledge of the events in the most important week in the life of Jesus and understand how Christians understand what this means.

New Covenant – Students will gain knowledge of how the New Testament fits into the Bible story and how the Church began.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – Students will use skills of interpretation to understand the gospel message in the text and improve literacy.

Students and teacher working through a Religious Studies text book

What can you study at Key Stage 4 at Immanuel College? (Years 10 & 11)

Studying for a GCSE in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, students will cover the following areas:

  • Crime & Punishment
  • Peace & Conflict
  • Marriage & Family
  • Religion & Life
  • Human Rights
  • Islam
  • Christianity

What relevant AS/A Levels, BTECs or Applied Qualifications can you study in Post 16 at Immanuel College?

  • AS/A Level Philosophy, Theology and Ethics
  • AS/ A Level History


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