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Why study History?

“Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever.” Cicero

Our goal is to enable students to become active participants in society.

We aid students in developing their own identity, distinguishing between facts and opinion, honing their investigative skills and improving their ability to communicate in order to be heard.

Furthermore, we are committed to developing a social conscience within our students and offer a diverse curriculum relevant to all and challenging the perceptions of all.

What do you learn?

Inspirations from the past – Students are taught to identify with figures from the past and consider parallels between the past and present.

Anglo-Saxon and Norman England – Introduces the concepts of cause and consequence, significance and similarity and difference, alongside the story of English identity developing with immigration and invasion. 

Medieval Monarchs – Focuses on analysing interpretations through the study of medieval kings and queens (e.g. ‘Bad King John’ or ‘Queen Matilda’).

Life in Medieval England – Students challenge the traditional historical interpretation that the medieval period was chaotic and a time of few new ideas.

The Tudors and the Stuarts – The Elizabethans is a GCSE topic. Students investigate Elizabeth’s relationship with Spain and Mary Queen of Scots, her religious settlement and her unwillingness to marry.

Students laid in a circle reading books

What can you study at Key Stage 4 at Immanuel College? (Years 10 & 11)

Topics covered in GCSE History include:

  • Germany – 1890-1945
  • Cold war – 1945-1972
  • Health and the people in Britain – 1000AD-modern day
  • Elizabethan England – 1568-1603

What relevant AS/A Levels, BTECs or Applied Qualifications can you study in Post 16 at Immanuel College?

  • AS/A Level History
  • Sociology
  • BTEC Law


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