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Why study Geography?

Our goal is to enable students to enjoy the physical and human world around them. We’re committed to nurturing academic habits within a curriculum that layers geographical knowledge and embeds skills.

We foster confidence within students to apply the knowledge they have gained to real-world situations and challenge them to confront social, economic and environmental issues that surround them. We aim to realise within our students the responsibility of being proactive local and global citizens.

What do you learn?

Weather – Students examine principals of air pressure and weather systems, including why it rains and how hurricanes are formed.

Ecosystems – We look at different ecosystems including rainforests, sand dunes and deserts. Students will use a variety of different resources including short video clips to examine ecosystems.

Crime – This a popular a popular studied in Year 7. Students map crime and examine Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Global cities – We examine Leeds and Mumbai as contrasting global cities, looking at the similarities and differences between the two.

Fieldwork – Students conduct their own fieldwork project which focuses on litter. They will collect primary data and have the opportunity to analyse their data to find out what it shows.

Students working in Geography class

What can you study at Key Stage 4 at Immanuel College? (Years 10 & 11)

In GCSE Geography students study a combination of physical and human geography across nine topics which include; fieldwork. Students will develop their knowledge through studying coasts, rivers, global cities, weather, climate and development.

What relevant AS/A Levels, BTECs or Applied Qualifications can you study in Post 16 at Immanuel College?

  • AS/A Level Geography
  • BTEC Travel & Tourism
  • Criminology
  • Public Services


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