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Student Voice at Immanuel College is an essential part of our democratic processes and it aims to ensure that the views, opinions and bright ideas of our young people are heard and shared with other students and the Senior Leadership Team of the college.

Student Voice works through a system of elected Prefects, one for each Tutor Group, whose role is to lead discussions, collect student feedback and share those ideas with the Heads of House.

They have a powerful role as they provide every student at Immanuel College with the opportunity to influence decision making by voicing the perspective of young people.

Students are also given opportunities to inform changes in our society through our links with organisations such as Citizens UK. Students have recently taken part in Relationships Reset, working with local organisations around the themes of consent in relationships and friendships. They have also taken part in  a post pandemic recovery summit, aimed at supporting young people, by holding people of power to account.

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