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We take the advice we give our students about their future very seriously.

Immanuel College’s Lead Teacher for Work Related Learning and Information Advice and Guidance is Mr A Dorr.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact him by email to

Our Senior Leadership Team Careers Link is Mr David Lamkin. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact him by email to

To speak to our Careers Leaders please call (01274) 425900

Our Post 16 Careers Link: Miss S Swales
Our Governor Careers Link: Miss Z Pearson
Go Higher West Yorkshire and NCOP Progression Officer: Mrs J Welding

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Useful Websites

Are you a parent and stuck with home study materials for careers? Try these interactive activities from Go Higher West Yorkshire. Lesson plans and resources are all included.

Use your time studying at home to consider your future career. Try these free resources from Start. Just register for free and work through the interactive activities. 

  • In PSHE Year 7 develop the communication skills of active listening, negotiation, offering and receiving constructive feedback and assertiveness. The form time schedule also accounts for student reflections of their progress allowing them to become proactive individuals in preparation for life after education.
  • In July Year 7 students will take part in a Bradford College Open Day to broaden horizons concerning courses Post 16, life at university and developing personal skills.
  • In Year 7 students complete a Dragons’ Den style activity day further developing their creative and presentation skills within a team environment. Select teams will be judged by a panel of business leaders.
  • From Year 8 there is a statutory obligation to teach careers within the wider PSHE programme. At Year 8 students learn about effective organisational, research and presentation skills, personally review their employability and consider strategies for developing their employability skills. Students also learn about local and national Labour Market Information and careers and jobs routes.
  • Year 8 take part in the Moon Base challenge, a day of activities to develop students team-working and problem solving skills that encourage them to Aim High.
  • Year 8 will complete the Engineering Development Trust’s (EDT) First Challenge. A day of STEM activities culminates in every student receiving a Challenger Level Industrial Cadet Certificate.
  • There will be additional opportunities for Year 8 (and years above, to Year 11) to take part in the EDT Parent Challenge, a STEM challenge students complete alongside parents in sessions across the year.
  • In July Year 8 (and 7) students will attend a careers fair run by the Ahead Partnership.
  • Every Year 9 student has a one-to-one meeting with a Level 6 Careers Advisor from Connexions and begin to build a personal Action Plan.
  • At Year 9, in PSHE, students learn about different types of employment and how these relate to education and life experiences. Students learn about working rights, health and safety in the workplace, clarifying their own aspirations. Students reflect on the benefits of being ambitious and enterprising in all aspects of life, and enterprising skills and terminology, such as productivity and marketing. Particularly pertinent is the concept of students’ own personal ‘brand’ which can be damaged or enhanced using social media.
  • Students participate in a half day developing communication skills in a Murder, Mystery event led by a local theatre group.
  • A number of Year 9 (and Year 8) students are given the opportunity to complete EDT’s GO4SET, a 10-week STEM programme undertaken in groups that leads to a Bronze Industrial Cadet Certificate.
  • The Go Higher strategy (run by the National Collaborative Outreach Programme – NCOP) commences in Year 9, with Immanuel College’s onsite Progression Officer working closely with a number of students. The strategy aims to increase the awareness of targeted students to university courses and higher level apprenticeships. Activities on offer throughout Years 9, 10, 11 and Post 16 include university trips, the Brightside Mentoring programme, the NCOP information bus, careers interviews and employability workshops.
  • At Year 10 in PSCHE students evaluate their own personal strengths to inform goal setting with careers in mind. Students learn how to recognise discrimination in the workplace. Continuing from Year 9, students develop their understanding of the importance of maintaining a professional online ‘presence’ and managing the risks social media brings. Students also learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, the role of employers, employees and unions.
  • EDT Parent Challenge (see above).
  • Go Higher strategy (see above).
  • Year 11 are interviewed by a range of individuals including a Level 6 Careers Advisor and the Post 16 team about their future options and aspirations to ensure personalised and impartial advice.
  • At Year 11 in PSHE students learn how to recognise and follow health and safety procedures in the workplace. Students consider the wider implications of illegal substance abuse, especially its impact on current and future employment, and therefore personal lifestyle. Students examine a number of inspirational people to model how they should develop their career identity and maximise their chances of success when applying for jobs. Terminology such as ‘customer service’ and ‘protecting corporate or brand image’ is defined, and students learn more about their consumer rights and to develop an independent perspective when purchasing.
  • Year 11 will take part in employability sessions led by NYBEP centering around managing their personal profile and professional conduct. This will be followed up with mock interviews for students from Years 11, 12 and 13.
  • EDT Parent Challenge (see above).
  • Go Higher strategy (see above).
  • In Year 12 a number of students are involved in the Progression Module, a year-long programme which aims to prepare students for higher education and the world of work. This is aided by Leeds Beckett University.
  • The PSCHE provision at Post 16 follows the University of Oxford’s Ignite Programme, which includes understanding possible careers, reacting to a changing job marketplace, acting with confidence and holding assertive conversations, networking, writing CVs, identifying students’ skills, writing cover letters, preparing for job interviews and writing personal statements.
  • The College’s in house provision runs the UCAS application programme for universities.
  • A number of external providers run programmes to aid students with high GCSE grades from deprived backgrounds access selective universities, such as the Sutton Trust’s Summer School, the Nuffield Trust Summer School (with a focus on STEM subjects) and the Aspiring Professionals Programme from the Social Mobility Foundation. The Smart Futures Programme for Ernst and Young aims to ‘headhunt’ aspiring students who have qualified for Free School Meals for Level 4 Apprenticeships Post 18.

We also have a careers presence in the form of a Level 6 Careers Advisor at Post 16, Year 11 and Year 10 parents’ evenings.

Measuring and assessing students’ Careers Education:

Immanuel College tracks the variety of careers related experiences each child has to develop a personal record for each student. Where necessary, interventions can be made to ensure ‘all God’s children’ receive the opportunities they deserve to broaden their horizons and raise their aspirations.

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