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The Immanuel way sees our students maintain their commitment to excellent behaviour and forms and important part of what makes our school an inspiring place to learn.

We expect our students to be polite and respectful at all times by:

  • Using body language; always smiling, making and maintaining eye contact
  • Using greetings like hello, good morning and good afternoon
  • Being compliant and following all instructions given be staff
  • Being polite and remembering to use please, thank you, excuse me and sorry
  • Using full sentences.

At Immanuel College we also expect our students to be ready to learn by;

  • Being on time and ready to learn immediately
  • Bringing their equipment and being prepared for each lesson
  • Following instructions given by staff; the first time they are given
  • Putting their hand up if they would like to speak
  • Being polite and respectful, at all times, to all staff and each other
  • Working hard and helping others to learn when they can
Students and teacher laughing in Mathematics class - Immanuel College

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