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Students visiting the technology and science museum in Bradford

Students take part in coding and mathematics workshops at National Science and Media Museum

Year 9 ICT students from Immanuel College recently visited the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford where they spent the day learning about coding and the history of computing through the museum’s interactive workshops and shows.

The students took part in a variety of workshops that included the Science Showdown, where they discovered the important role mathematicians; Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, and the Hidden Figures; Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, had on modern computing.

Year 9 student, Dilveen Sudle, 13, said: “We’ve learnt a lot. I didn’t know that the Hidden Figures were so important in getting people into space or that the history of computing went so far back.”

Fellow Year 9 student, Jensen Sellyei, also 13, added: “I really enjoyed the coding workshop when we had to code robin the robot. I didn’t know coding had to be so specific. We had to make sure the instructions were exactly what we need to make robin perform the actions. We had to work as a team to make sure we gave the correct instructions.”

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