Antarctica Day Flag Competition

Students in year 7 took part in celebrating Antarctica Day on 1st December in Geography lessons. Antarctica Day remembers and celebrates the day that 12 countries signed the Antarctic Treaty in 1959. The signing of the treaty was the first of its kind at the time and confirmed that Antarctica was to only be used for scientific research and collaboration between countries.  

Students celebrated by participating in The UK Polar Network challenge ‘Create a flag for Antarctica’. Students showed their character to create some fantastic designs and Serena G’s (7LRO) design was sent to Ingrid Holder at Rothera Research Station in Antarctica.  

Ingrid’s role is a “Programme Planner and Resource Manager” for the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme (AIMP) where we they are constructing buildings and renewing the aircraft to support future science. As a planner, Ingrid looks at when each project will run in relation to other activities and what resources are needed to do it. 


You can find out more about the station here: 

Snow Day Remote Learning 10.3.23

Snow Day Remote Learning 10.3.23 English Year 7 Reading 1 Year 7 Reading 2 Year 8 Reading 1 Year 8 Reading 2 Year 9 Reading 1  Year 9 Reading 2 Year 10/11 Maths Use some of the time today to access Sparx in preperation for homework being set on it from next week. There are

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Snow Day Remote Learning

Snow Day Remote Learning 9.3.23 English   Year 7 ReadingYear 7 NarrativeYear 8 ReadingYear 8 NarrativeY9 Reading Y9 NarrativeY10/11 Work Maths Use some of the time today to access Sparx in preperation for homework being set on it from next week. There are videos you will need to watch if they haven’t already.  Sparx Year 7 

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Y11 Mock Exams

Y11 Mock Exam Timetable March 6th – March 24th 2023   Over the coming 3 weeks, Year 11 students will be sitting their mock exams. Please click below for the timetable of when all the exams will be taking place. Y11 Mock Exam Timetable March 2023

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Ski Trip 2023

Ski Trip 2023 Ski trip 2023 Tarvisio, Italy After a three-year break due to Covid, and a Year of planning. February 2023 saw the return of our ski trip and what a ski trip it was! Twenty-four students from Year eight up to eleven joined Mr Bowker and Miss Almond and for the very first

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Thackray Museum of Medicine Trip

Thackray Museum of Medicine Year 11 History students visited the Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds last week as a revision activity in preparation for their upcoming exam on ‘Britain: Health and the People.’ The students took part in a 19th-century surgery workshop where they were able to sit in a 19th-century style operating theatre with

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KS3 Useful Websites and Reading List

KS3 Useful Websites and Reading List Please click the letter below which is filled with useful websites your child can access at home to broaden their learning experiences. Further on in the document there is also enclosed a reading list that contains something for everyone. The reading list covers a variety of genres so everyone

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