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Curriculum Intent

The Church of England’s Vision for Education reminds us that the aim of our curriculum is to ‘open up horizons of hope’. We have designed the curriculum so that students have the resilience and confidence to be able to pursue knowledge and wisdom to allow them to grapple successfully with all life’s challenges.

Our curriculum reflects our deep knowledge of our students and their context, often one of deprivation and challenge. We have built aspiration and challenge at its core so that students are able to powerfully overcome social disadvantage.

“There is a confidence that the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is consistent in how God has shaped the world and us.”
– Church of England Vision for Education.


To encourage students to stretch themselves spiritually, morally, intellectually, imaginatively and actively and to aspire to be well educated.

Character and Perseverance

To foster confidence, delight and discipline in seeking knowledge so that we actively counter social disadvantage in order to increase social mobility.


To nurture academic habits, emotional intelligence and creativity across a whole range of academic subjects. In our broad and balanced academic curriculum we champion arts, music, sport, physical activity and, of course, religious education.


To work with the best essential knowledge that our students need to be educated citizens introducing them to the best that has been thought and said that helps engender an appreciation of human achievement and creativity.


Is to support our continuous rise in standards so progress is consistently strong and students are able to grasp opportunities no matter how aspirational


To secure literacy and learning through our knowledge rich curriculum so that students have the tools to independently develop their own learning.

Perseverance and Hope

To promote consistently strong teaching through research and training so teachers are empowered to sustain and consistently improve their practice so our students make the best progress they can.


To prepare students for the next stage in their lives, to ensure that they will have the confidence, reliance and passion to make positive choices and can embrace life in all its fullness.


The overall aim of our curriculum is to endow our students with knowledge and skills so they are empowered to move to their next step in their lives. Our rich curriculum develops the skills of perseverance that allows the formation of character and gives them certain hope for the future.

Perseverance, Character and Hope

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